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Case study Walt Disney Memory App

MAXtv Facebook page is being held at the highest community management standards, and we know their users are their target groups and that it could all be great at the end because they had great concept and very tempting prizes. They wanted to promote new series on their channel and they decided to go with our product.

Prva Liga

Prva liga- Adidas webshop

We expected great results from this contest because Adidas is a big brand and we knew that we would, with a good Facebook advertising, achieve excellent results.

Case study Kozmo beauty shops

Kozmo beauty shops

„Be trendy with Kozmo“ campaign scored great results in terms of the number of users and it’s growth, and all that in just 19 days.

PhotoContest FenixApps - Adriagate Case Study

Adriagate - PhotoContest application

Over 3.000 users gave their permissions to enter the app, which means over 3.000 user contact informations. Excellent viral effect with more than 35.000 story impressions from 152 stories published.

Case study Euroshop

Case study Euroshop

The carnival assortment rose for 46% compared to the previous year, yielding in lower costs, which results in a direct profit. After the app closing, the number of fans was 3.198, resulting in a growth of 1.568 fans, or 96% in just 20 days.

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