Case study Euroshop

The Challenge

Following a two-month starting campaign (which proved to be successful and collaborative), Euroshop decided to intensify the campaign using Facebook Pages, so they can promote and sell their carnival assortment. The key to a successful campaign (which includes a whole new way of promotion) was having a great support and communication line on both Euroshop and FenixApps.

PhotoContest goals were:

Goals of the contest idea was promotion and sales of carnival assortment without increasing promotional costs, increasing Facebook Page fan number (via "Likes") and connecting with users and motivating them into creating content on the page.

How did we complete our goals?

  • We created a contest "carnival with Euroshop" using our PhotoContest app.
  • Call to action for the contest was posted on a regular basis
  • Facebook Ads have been created to promote the contest to the target audience
  • Facebook Ads have been created to promote the carnival assortment
  • Real-time communication with both Facebook Page users and Euroshop on a regular basis

Campaign results:

Vanda Plazonić, Sales and Marketing Manager at Euroshop After 16 years of active advertising using print and radio, we decided to try out promoting  our company by means of the most popular social network - Facebook. We recognized FenixApps as a team of young enthusiasts for social media. We felt their engagement and passion they give out to their clients almost instantaneously. For the first time, we have been advertising our rich carnival assortment on Facebook. We wanted to test out how big the influence on such media would be, as we have doubted if our target audience was active on Facebook. The entire campaign was planned to the smallest details and, despite the crisis that's intertwining all around us, and the fact that the carnival lasted significantly shorter than the previous year, we had outstanding results compared to the previous year, even at the very beginning of the campaign.

The great photo contest made by FenixApps attracted many more buyers and active users to our Facebook Page. The positive trend continued to increase, and we are more than satisfied with the results. Money invested into Facebook marketing turned out to be the best choice, because the return of investment is multiple times bigger, and we finally have measurable data. FenixApps showed off as a great partner, because their ambition, ideas and seriousness are a moving link to which there are no obstacles.

We are assured this is just the beginning of a long collaboration. Vanda Plazonić, Sales and Marketing Manager at Euroshop

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