SocialMemory best practice: Case study Kozmo beauty shops

The Challenge

Taking into consideration that Kozmo wanted to promote a line of products dedicated to women as their target market, we realized that we’re in for a real challenge. If you’re asking why – the answer is that women, as a tagret market on Facebook, have been following a huge number of pages where they receive beauty tips on a daily basis, giving a challenge for both us as a team, and our client. We had to find a way to make Kozmo’s products stand out and get attention from a big number of users. The real solution to this problem was SocialMemory, a Facebook game.

Contest goals

Goals of the contest idea was promotion and sales of a line of women beauty products, overall growth of users of Kozmo’s facebook page and strengthening user relations

How did we complete our goals?

We created a contest "Kozmo beauty shops" using our SocialMemory app.

Campaign results:

Sandra Paprika, asistent u marketingu, Kozmo d.o.o. Doing business with FenixApps was indeed fruitful, and gave great results to both sides. The applications which KOZMO used brought new fans, which was our goal. Users played and spent time on our page and they were certainly having fun, distancing themselves from everyday problems. Users are motivated not only by the prize, but also by the application, and the way it’s made to be “user friendly” (which these apps certainly are). I’d highly recommend the FenixApps team, who will make a great and fitting solution for your company, while maintaining a fast and reliable service. BIG LIKE!” Sandra Paprika, Marketing Assistant at Kozmo d.o.o.

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