PhotoContest best pratice: Case study Adriagate travel agency.

The Challenge

What we wanted to do was to get the most out of this PhotoContest for our client. It`s important to emphasize that we expected great results from this Contest because Facebook page is being held at the highest community management standards, and we know their users are their target groups and that it could all be great at the end because they had great concept and very tempting prizes together with the above mentioned.

PhotoContest goals were:

PhotoContest golas were increase in number of user on Facebook page, deepening relationship with existing users and promotion of accomodation offer

How did we complete our goals?

  • Contest "My favourite summer vacation memory" was implemented on our clients Facebook page using FenixApps PhotoContest app.
  • We have announced to Facebook fans that the contest is being held and explained them contest rules.
  • Facebook ads have been created in order to promote the contest to the target group. During the contest, Facebook page was being held normally, with usual daily activities towards users.

Campaign results:

Romana - Why did we choose FenixApps? In order to provide even better support to our guests, we have started a project of promoting our agency through Social Media. Facebook`s general popularity as a tool for better marketing performance and communication with customers led us to hire a company “from the neighborhood” and Social Media experts, FenixApps. Our goal was to engage existing fans from around the world who love Croatia and ofcourse, attract new ones. What we thought is logical, was using photos as a tool that says more than words. FenixApps offered us an excellent solution for our wishes to come true, their PhotoContest app and excellent support during the contest. The contest lasted for 21 days and during that period 80 users uploaded their image. Besides uploading photos, users also shared stories about it, which resulted  with over 3,000 contest participants. This Contest really met our expectations in every way. We managed to “wake up” our existing fans and accomplished excellent results in attracting new ones. Therefore, we would like to thank FenixApps team for offering us this great solution and their professional approach. Ana Popović, web department leader at

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