Users spend 12 minutes in your Facebook contest

Each player in your Facebook contest is exposed to visuals of your brand for 12 minutes. That is equal to 12 minutes long exposure to your ad in any other media.

Using fan gate

To see the results they have achieved, players have to like your page. This requirement will generate new fans to your page

Best price for Facebook game

Best price for the Facebook contest game on the market. Custom game that has to be built from the scratch is 10 times more expensive than our already made solution.

Designed for the best User experience

We create great User interface that makes this game for your users easy to use and brings great results to you.

9x more virality

Nine times bigger viral effect than you can get from non-game app.

Giving your community a place to have fun

Everyone loves to play this fun game. Positive and fun environment in the contest gives your users positive association to your brand.

4 levels 4 your brand pictures

Each level has new picture that players have to put together. Through those 4 pictures you promote 4 different products, services or anything else you want.


You choose one of our apps to engage your community and create added value by defining your goals:

  • PhotoContest - let them create
  • SocialComments - as simple as a comment
  • SocialQuiz - quiz brand awareness
  • SocialMemory - connect your values


Depending on the app you have chosen, we need materials to implement from you:

  • Your logo
  • Contest title
  • Quiz questions
  • Prizes picture

Launch App

After implementing your materials, we send you the link to the app, so you can install it to your Facebook page.
We provide support for your app's launching. Support also includes our advanced mechanisms for protection from fake users or frauds during the contests organized with these applications.


At the end of the contest you will recieve contest statistics and collected user data such as email adress. Then you take it to the next level!

How long does it take to implement an app?

After you deliver to us all the necessary materials, your app will be ready in 72 hours.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide full support from 8 AM to 10 PM, CET +1.

Can I get highly customized apps?

If you want additional changes on our apps contact us.

What materials do I need to provide for you to start implementation?

Logo and contest title, graphics of prizes and contest rules.

How long can I use your app?

The maximum duration of your contest per app is 8 weeks.

When can I expect statistics and data?

You will receive all collected data and statistics at the end of your contest.

How do we communicate?

We communicate with our clients via e-mail in real time.

What can be customized within Photo Contest?

Logo, contest title and description, prizes, rules, tab image and custom app share post.

What about data security?

FenixApps guarantees security of the data collected during the campaign. Only you can access the data.

When is payment required?

Payment is required in advance.

Who provides app hosting?

We provide app hosting during the entire contest and two weeks after it's finished.

Who has access to my Facebok page?

We don't have access to your Facebook page. You are sent an installation link. Only your administrator can access your page.

Custom apps

With a Custom app you can publish your own custom, company-branded application instead of the FenixApps existing design. We can customize it with your brand colors, different icon design, custom footer logo, etc. If you are interested in a Custom app please contact us.

Want a full custom Facebook application? Contact us!