That is why they love working with us.

Dean Krizmanić, Project Manager, Plava laguna d.d In collaboration with FenixApps we made a campaign named "Laguna Poreč Photo Contest" in 2013. Besides being very satisfied with the campaign and it's results, we would also emphasize the professionality of the FenixApps team. They've showed a high degree of social media expertise, and we were also thrilled with their work engagement which fulfilled all of our expectations. As far as social media is concerned, FenixApps team is a partner we'll always count on in the future. Dean Krizmanić, Project Manager, Plava laguna d.d
Sandra Paprika, asistent u marketingu, Kozmo d.o.o. Doing business with FenixApps was indeed fruitful, and gave great results to both sides. The applications which KOZMO used brought new fans, which was our goal. Users played and spent time on our page and they were certainly having fun, distancing themselves from everyday problems. Users are motivated not only by the prize, but also by the application, and the way it's made to be "user friendly" (which these apps certainly are). I'd highly recommend the FenixApps team, who will make a great and fitting solution for your company, while maintaining a fast and reliable service. BIG LIKE! Sandra Paprika, Marketing Assistant at Kozmo d.o.o.
Ana Popović, web department leader In order to provide even better support to our guests, we have started a project of promoting our agency through Social Media. Facebook`s general popularity as a tool for better marketing performance and communication with customers led us to hire a company “from the neighborhood” and Social Media experts, FenixApps. Our goal was to engage existing fans from around the world who love Croatia and ofcourse, attract new ones. What we thought is logical, was using photos as a tool that says more than words. FenixApps offered us an excellent solution for our wishes to come true, their PhotoContest app and excellent support during the contest. The contest lasted for 21 days and during that period 80 users uploaded their image. Besides uploading photos, users also shared stories about it, which resulted  with over 3,000 contest participants. This Contest really met our expectations in every way. We managed to “wake up” our existing fans and accomplished excellent results in attracting new ones. Therefore, we would like to thank FenixApps team for offering us this great solution and their professional approach. Ana Popović, web department leader at
Romana-Katarina Čičko, Community manager at Badel 1862 Why did we choose FenixApps? Their way of communication on Facebook distunguishes from others. They have useful and fun content that expresses professionalism and enthusiasm, while making the impression of a very relaxed and fun team behind it all. Consequently, we used the Fenix app SocialComments by which we increased our presence on Facebook in a very simple and fun way, and achieved very positive interaction with fans. We used that app on several occasions because it is very "user friendly" and FenixApps constantly enables us full user support. Romana-Katarina Čičko, Community manager at Badel 1862
Jana - FenixApps applications are cheerful, simple and user friendly Only after we started collaboration with the team from FenixApps, did we start to realize the potential and importance of our existence in Social Media. FenixApps applications are cheerful, simple and user friendly. As a result, we enhanced our market position in a fun and relaxed way and gained a better image and communication with our customers. Jana Karabatić, ROBOT COMMERCE Ltd.
Ana Popović, web department leader Croatia Airlines has been active on Facebook for three years when we decided to give to our fans something new and different – an application that we didn’t have on our page ever before. We got recommendation for FenixApps Facebook applications and decided to contact them. In a very short period of time we made an agreement, everything was arranged, they prepared the application and “Croatia Airlines Memory” contest was ready to start. FenixApps team was very professional with us and in communication with our Facebook fans. Facebook community showed big interest for the game and we accomplish goals that we had with the contest. We are looking forward to future cooperation with FenixApps. Branka Čekolj - Croatia Arilines Social Media Specialist
Vanda Plazonić, Sales and Marketing Manager at Euroshop After 16 years of active advertising using print and radio, we decided to try out promoting  our company by means of the most popular social network - Facebook. We recognized FenixApps as a team of young enthusiasts for social media. We felt their engagement and passion they give out to their clients almost instantaneously. For the first time, we have been advertising our rich carnival assortment on Facebook. We wanted to test out how big the influence on such media would be, as we have doubted if our target audience was active on Facebook. The entire campaign was planned to the smallest details and, despite the crisis that's intertwining all around us, and the fact that the carnival lasted significantly shorter than the previous year, we had outstanding results compared to the previous year, even at the very beginning of the campaign.

The great photo contest made by FenixApps attracted many more buyers and active users to our Facebook Page. The positive trend continued to increase, and we are more than satisfied with the results. Money invested into Facebook marketing turned out to be the best choice, because the return of investment is multiple times bigger, and we finally have measurable data. FenixApps showed off as a great partner, because their ambition, ideas and seriousness are a moving link to which there are no obstacles.

We are assured this is just the beginning of a long collaboration. Vanda Plazonić, Sales and Marketing Manager at Euroshop

They trust us!